Education in Norwegian language


Fant du det du lette etter?

Takk for din tilbakemelding

hva forsøkte du å finne?

Do you need Norwegian education?

Gamvik municipality will offer evening lessons in Norwegian twice a week for 1.5 hours.

First lesson: Thursday 29 September at 1730.

The teaching will take place at Mehamn school, Gamvikveien 1 in Mehamn.

The education is free for persons with rights and/or obligation to receive training in Norwegian language. These include people with a refugee background and their families, as well as family reunification of Norwegian and Nordic citizens.

Course fees and payment for course materials apply to persons who only have an obligation to attend training, but not the right to attend training. The same applies to persons who have neither the right nor the obligation to receive training. See further information:  Gamvik kommune

To register, send an email to or use the following link:

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